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Rammohan College

Rammohan College

A Unit of Brahmo Samaj Education Society
NAAC Re-Accredited B++ College

Raja Rammhan Roy

Department of Physiology

About the Department

The pass course in Physiology was taught inception of this Institution. In 1980, Calcutta University extended affiliation in Physiology (Honours) course. Later, in 2006, Calcutta University extended affiliation in PG course in Human Physiology.

Research wing has been started from 2010.

Academic Programs

  • Three years Honours Degree Course (C.U. Syllabus).
  • Two Year General Degree Course to cater to Honours Students (C.U. Syllabus) of :
    • Zoology
  • Three year General Degree Course
  • Two year PG course in Human Physiology ( Semester system)

Present Faculty UG/PG section

Ms. Iman Hazra
Part Time Lecturer
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Dr. Gouriprosad Datta
Associate Professor
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Dr. Neela De
Part Time Lecturer
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Ms Trina Kundu
Assistant Professor and HOD
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Dr. Sonali Ghosh
Assistant Professor
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Dr. Sahana Majumder
Associate Professor.
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Dipankar Mahapatra
M.Sc in Life Science, NIT Rourkela.
Assistant Professors.
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Faculty (PG Section)

Sl. No. Name of the Teacher
1. Dr. Pranabes Nath
2. Dr. Amalendu Samanta
3. Dr. Biswajit Saha
4. Dr. Jyotirmoy Chakraborty
5. Dr. Santi Ranjan Dasgupta
6. Dr. Aloke Ghosh Chowdhury
7. Dr. Saswati Das Gupta
8. Dr. Bitan Bindu Bandyopadhyay
9. Dr. Arindam Dalal
10. Dr. Nilkanta Chakraborty
11. Dr. Asok Kumar Sarkar
12. Dr. Samir Kumar Ghosh
13. Dr. Mira Sil (Ghosh)
14. Dr. Sudipta Pal
15. Dr. Sonali Ghosh
16. Dr. Amrita Bandyopadhyay
17. Dr. Somnath Gangopadhyay

Research Scholars

Name of the Supervisor Name of the Scholars/Associates (past & Present) Name of the Department Field Area Funding Agency
Dr. SAHANA MAZUMDER 1. Dr. Sujoy Bhattacharya Applied Chemistry Molecular Immunology UGC (Major Project I)
2. Dr. Meghamala Dutta Physiology Cardiovascular Physiology UGC (Major Project I)
3. Dr. Manti Ghosh Biochemistry Immuno Biochemistry ICMR
4. Sm. Debipriya Banerjee Physiology Molecular Endocrinology UGC (Major Project II)
5. Sri Sujoy Dutta Physiology Ergonomical designing Departmental
6. Sm. MaroofaTanveer Physiology Nutritional Physiology UGC Moulana Azad Scholarship
7. Dr. BiswajitSaha
(Joint Collaborator)
Physiology Microbial Technology Under Processing DST, WB Govt.
Dr. Gouriprosad Datta 1. Anurupa Sen
2. SubhashreeBasu
3. Abhishekh Banerjee
4. Moumita Das
Physiology Pharmacognosy, Social Physiology And Sports Physiology Department of Science and technology, Government of India and University Grants Commission